Sticky, smelly, and pasty SPF formulas of yesteryear are long gone, thanks to a new wave of technology! And it’s not just the standard spritz formulations I am into sunscreen now comes in many different forms to fit your lifestyle and beauty routine. Since SPF 15 doesn’t cut it anymore with the FDA’s new regulations, doctors and dermatologists alike recommend a broad-spectrum formulation of at least 30. I’ve done the research, read on and find the one for you. To see the product click on the image.


Serums poised as the superfood of skin care, it only makes sense to create an SPF-based formula. Supergoop! is moisturizing, multitasking serum helps increase cell turnover, and its key ingredient, Uniprotect P-T3, actually reduces UV-induced oxidation by 32% in two days!


Those with oily skin benefit from a lighter base, and MD Solar Science’s gel is just the ticket! With a silky, silicone-based texture, the SPF gel serves double-duty as shine control without any piling. The subtle bronze tint provides your complexion with a tiny hint of color, so look like you’ve spent time outdoors without the wrinkle worry.


Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the heavyweights in sun protection notoriously thick and balmy in texture. But what if I told you that you can wear a physical blocker without the ugly finish? Skinceuticals revolutionary nanotechnology micronizes the iron oxide spheres, thinly dispersing them over your skin. The cosmetically elegant formula feels invisible immediately after application no goopy or tacky mess! It is one of my favorites for sensitive skin.


If sunscreen ruins a flawless makeup finish, you will never wear it! That is why the folks at Dermalogica designed an SPF 30 that’s skin care, sun protection, and makeup primer all in one. With a combination of silica, polymers, pearl powder, and soy protein, SkinPerfect conditions and evens out the skins surface, creating a smooth, sun-protected canvas to work on. A potent cocktail of White Tea, peptides, and Sodium Hyaluronate works extra-hard to fight signs of UV-damage.


Ever find yourself en route to the beach without a tube of SPF? I have been there before, and had the sunspots and burns to prove it. That’s why I love Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF mini mineral stick! Housed in the retractable brush on the go, it was made for extra touch-ups, ideal for anyone with rosacea or eczema and looks adorable in your travel bag. If you need a higher protection, or need to reapply throughout the day you can dust this translucent mineral powder over or under your makeup for a matte finish.


Since my skin is oily, this one is my favorite. Thanks to its durable, unique concentration of micronized zinc oxide, this gentle lotion shields skin from UVA and UVB sun rays without depositing excess oil. This silky lotion is absorbed quickly and can even be used under makeup for protection anywhere. Suitable for all skin types, but especially ideal for oily, acne prone skin. The silky, lightweight finish reminds me of milky sunscreens popular in Asia with no white cast leftover.