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How To Keep Your Hair Healthy

www.ilonashine.comMany of us obsess about health of our skin, but how many pay the same attention to the health of our hair? We color, brush, style and blast it with heat and chemicals. Our hair takes on a significant amount of abuse all in the name of vanity. So here are top 5 rules to keep your tresses in tip top shape.

  1. 1.  When using (blow dryer, flat or curling iron) keep it on the medium setting to prevent damage and drying of the hair shaft. Hair in the weakened condition is more susceptible to damage leading it to lose elasticity and eventually break. Read More

Water and Hair Color

Minerals in water can cause brassiness in blonds and redheads. If your hair is showing a brassy tinge, don’t despair. Below are the few ways to eliminate the problem:

1. Mix 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar with 1 cup of filtered water and rinse your hair after you condition. If you don’t have filtered water use a mineral water from the supermarket. Rinse your hair with cool water.

2.Use a specially formulated blue-based shampoo on a weekly bases. Designed to work like a violet or blue toner, these shampoos adjust the hair color to prevent unwanted orange tones. This will lessen the chance that brassy tones will become noticeable.

3. Install a water filter to the shower nozzle if your water is iron rich, or a water softener, to remove the excess iron in your water.

If brassiness persists after repeated attempts to remove it, seek help from a professional hair colorist.