What is Micro-needling?

www.ilonashine.comMicro or Dermal-needling is the action of inserting lots of needles into the skin very superficially to stimulate collagen production. I recently had it done by an esthetician (Lisa) in a plastic surgeon’s office. And the treatment goes like this…after cleaning my skin twice, the doctor applied a thin layer of topical anesthetic to numb the skin on my face so I didn’t feel any discomfort. The procedure itself is not very painful, but it also depends on your pain threshold, the area being treated, and the length of the needles. Using an automated device, Micropen, which has 12 tiny micro-needles attached to the Read More

Future Home Beauty Gadgets

Tiny wrinkles, discolorations and dry patches are all will cause you to reach for the solution you haven’t tried before. And I am not talking about help from a professional. When money is scarce, everyone have to pick and choose where to spend their beauty funds and that includes skimping on expensive skin care treatments! Luckily, innovation in beauty and tech has brought out the coolest new gadgets designed to mimic a trip to the dermatologist. These new at home techno contraptions are changing the future of personal grooming as we know it. Read More

Guide to Removing Blackheads

Beauties, do you peer into your mirror only to see a speckling of blackheads staring back at you? These pesky clogged pores look as if dirt is stuck in your skin and can even be slightly raised. While it’s always best to seek blackheads treatment before popping pimples and blackheads, we all get the urge to pick at our face. And with the proper technique, you can safely remove blackheads yourself. Read More