Basic Makeup Brushes

Beautiful Young Woman Applying Makeup. Brunette GirlMakeup is supposed to help accentuate our features and enhance our look but when used incorrectly, it can do just the opposite. I see some women willing to spend a lot of money on a lipstick but really skimp on the tools that might make their makeup application easier and their products last longer. I recommend everyone to splurge on the best quality brushes. Basic set of good quality brushes is a must because best make up application happens with the right brushes. There are two main categories: natural-hair brushes (quarrel, sable, goat) and man-made (synthetic, nylon, polyester). My favorite ones are brushes made of teddy bear hair. Teddy Bear Hair is super soft and luxurious and made of fiber that Read More

The 5 Most Useful Makeup Brushes in Your Kit

Ever walk up to the makeup counter and find yourself puzzled by the wide array of tool options? Shape, size, and bristle all affect the function of a brush , so it is understandable how overwhelming a Beauty beginner’s purchase can be. Rest assured that every brush does serve a purpose, but it is wise to arm yourself with a set of multipurpose basics before you invest in the extras. I’ve rounded up five of the favorite makeup brushes that deserve a spot in any artist or amateur’s collection. Read More

Dolce & Gabbana Khol Collection for Spring 2012

Did you see Felicity Jones as a new face of Dolce & Gabbana, she is ┬ájust perfect model for the brand. In my opinion only Monica Bellucci could do it even better and she’s perfection! The new Spring 2012 makeup collection is called Khol and includes eye quad, eye liners and nail polishes. All of them are beautiful but one thing stood out for me is their Green nail polish!!! Dolce and Gabbana put the dramatic nail hue back on the map again. No longer reserved just for cool climates, rich shades easily wearable in the spring. Check out Wild Green and Blackened Purple on the picture above. What not to love, D&G always do it right.