Restaurant “Terroni”- Los Angeles, CA

First time i was introduced to “Terroni” restaurant was by an Italian wine maker Giorgio from Falernia/Chile. He is also one of their wine suppliers. He told me: “As an Italian let me take you to the best Italian restaurant in L.A.” Little did i know that I will end up in a loud, we don’t take reservations, off the beaten path music, bad service, little rustic place with the most delicious, authentic Italian food I have ever tasted. Their pizzas are out this world, due to the most balanced in every way red sauce they put on it. Pasta’s are amazing and so is their appetizers. If you want good Italian food for under $$ go to Terroni. You just can’t go wrong here. But remember if you want to have a conversation get a table outside. It’s very, very laud inside. Buon appetito Giorgio!!!!!


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