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5 Steps to Beautiful Hair Color

www.ilonashine.comHair color is not as simple as everyone thinks. It is not as simple as buying a box of color from your local drug store and getting salon worthy results. Placing your hair in the hands of a professional colorist who understands your needs and wants is very important. But that’s only one part of getting beautiful color. In order to get good results it is crucial that you follow hair colorist’s instructions. Here’s what you need to do for perfect color day after day. Read More

Hair Color Transformation

www.ilonashine.comMy client and a good friend Elena came to me with dark brown hair and a desire to go blond. I couldn’t agree more, she was born to be a blonde!  I knew that in order to go lighter I had to lighten her hair gradually (3 appointments to be exact) thus minimizing damage to her hair and her mental state. Yes, I know to some people changing hair color can be a bit of a shocker but not in this case. My anti-aging philosophy has always been simple: “Clean-tan-free skin, lighter hair and clean make-up will take years off anyone wanting to look a little younger”. With this in mind I went to work to create a refreshed version of Elena. As you can see, the end result was well worth the wait. Very Pretty!!!

Before & After From Dark to Caramel

Last week I have been asked to participate in an image makeover show where I was given 45 minutes to update contestant’s hair color. The contestant was a young Asian woman who had naturally very dark hair color. “I have been faced with this dilemma before”, I thought. A lot of people with dark hair want their hair color updated but end up with brassy, fried hair or worst yet, completely wrong hair color for their complexion. So how to get out of the rut of the same old dark color and get a transformation of a lifetime? Read More

Before & After From Blond to Red

She came in looking kind of drab and wanting a new look to kick start her acting career. And I don’t blame her! In this town full of blonds you certainly can get overlooked even when you are extremely talented. So a few hours later she finally revealed her true self. Golden-red and unstoppable. Now I can spot her a mile away and so will the industry. Welcome to Hollywood!

Oh, Snap! Damaged Hair!

Many of us obsess about the health of our skin, but how many pay the same attention to the health of our hair? We color, brush, style and blast it with heat and chemicals. Our hair takes a significant amount of abuse, and the result of all that mistreatment we get a mane that is dull, frizzy and prone to breakage.

But not all bad hair habits are created equal. Many people would confess to the occasional misuse of a hot button on their hair dryer, but how does that compare with the occasional bleach job? Which causes more damage? We have gathered the most common hair no-no’s, from the slightly sinful to the dangerously damaging. Read More

Dark Hair Color

Lately I have been feeling a bit too light, I mean with regards to my hair color. Looking through tons of pages of the magazines I came across this photo of Ashley and her deep, rich hair color. In an instant I knew this is what I wanted. I mean come on!!!! I don’t eat the same food every day and I certainly don’t want the same hair color for more that two years. I though about all the different colors of lipsticks and eye shadows I can wear with dark rich color as hers. A girl got to experiment with everything right?….shoes, clothes, perfume, makeup, men and even her haircolor. Variety-is what keeps the spirit young and alive for most of us.

So if you have any thoughts about this color, tell me what you think??