Hormones And Your Hair

downloadHave you ever stopped to wonder why your hair is a different texture than it was when you were a child? Or perhaps why one day it seems like your hair is falling out by the fistful and the next overgrowing? While many factors affect the health and texture of your hair, it’s your hormones that actually have a lot to do with it. Hormone levels can affect the quality and the quantity of hair. The texture of hair is directly related by hormonal issues that relate to thyroid as well as estrogen and testosterone levels. That’s why hair can be brittle, lusterless and slow growing during certain times of your life. Read More

Miracle Oils

082012-Hair-Oils-Lead-400Almost everyday I find myself suggesting different types of oils to my clients to use for dry skin or hair. Using oils for beautifying purposes dates back hundreds, if not thousands of years. For centuries women have sworn by all-natural hair oils. Beauty oils once forgotten are experiencing a resurgence, quickly becoming a favorite. It’s no surprise that they are the first choice for fighting common skin, hair and body problems. So whether you have fine or coarse tresses, oily or dry skin, check out a few of Mother Nature’s best moisture-rich serums for your hair type. The best oil formulations are those that are “cold-pressed”- they retain integrity of ingredients and freshness. Beware of bad oils that are heavy and greasy and contain large amounts of heavier oils like mineral, lanolin, and petroleum oil, that sit on the surface of the skin and clog pores. Below are the oils to look for in your beauty and hair products. Read More

Before You Chop, Consider This…

Last week I came back from celebrating New Years in the Big Apple. I had a lot of fun but couldn’t wait to come back and share my latest news with you. I had a write up in “Russian America” newspaper and it was nice to be recognized in the Russian community.
Even though it is printed in Russian language, you can paste and copy it into Google translator to read it.

Click on the link here

Now back to hair!

With the new year comes the temptation to reinvent yourself! One of our favorite ways to shake things up is with a drastic cut or color. But we’re all fallen victim to the post-makeover. Here are a few things to consider before making the leap into a new YOU.

Chop, Chop

With the darling short cuts debuted in 2012, it can be tempting to follow suit. A drastic haircut can be cathartic; a tangible symbol of getting rid of excess baggage. But make sure to look before you leap short hair is a big decision, and it can take years to grow it back to its former glory and some of the in-between stages are not so pretty. So before you chop, consider this: Read More

The Perfect Plate For You

Straight hair has been a hair-do for decades, but if you have found yourself lost in the aisle at the beauty supply shop, or getting dizzy on Google seeking out the perfect flatiron, worry not! We are here to the rescue, so keep these handy tips in mind before you splurge on the latest straightening technology.


Flatirons are available in a variety of lengths and widths. Remember that wide iron plates are best for longer hair, while thin plates are great for short styles and bangs, as they allow you to get closer to the root. Read More

My Graduation!!!

As most of you already know I finally completed the most challenging, survive or quit two and a half year training at the Prestigious Sally Hershberger Salon. It was a long road with lots of bumps along the way. I always said that no matter how difficult it gets, if you are on the right path nothing and no one can spoil it for you. Life will open its doors and all you have to do is walk through it. And so I did!!!! It wasn’t easy but I believe this job has found me and chosen me to do what I do best -Beautify. I met the most amazing and loving people. They believed in me and saw my potential way before I could ever see it. They held my hand when I was frustrated and encouraged me to stay when I was ready to quit. For that I am eternally grateful.
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Before & After From Dark to Caramel

Last week I have been asked to participate in an image makeover show where I was given 45 minutes to update contestant’s hair color. The contestant was a young Asian woman who had naturally very dark hair color. “I have been faced with this dilemma before”, I thought. A lot of people with dark hair want their hair color updated but end up with brassy, fried hair or worst yet, completely wrong hair color for their complexion. So how to get out of the rut of the same old dark color and get a transformation of a lifetime? Read More