After I was badly portrayed on 20/20 interview due to network’s selectively chosen footage in order to mislead, I was contacted by Behind the Chair magazine to clarify my industry and my name. Hopefully the interview bellow will put everything in perspective.

There is nothing like a controversial news story to set opinions and hearts ablaze, especially when it involves one of our own. Recently, ABCs 20/20 broadcasted a segment called Confessions of a Hairstylist, which revealed the unpleasant goings-on of some salon practices.Hair Colorist Ilona Shine was interviewed for the episode and came under fire for negatively representing the salon industry as a whole. But according to Ilona, her intention during the interview was far from what was included in the broadcast. So we asked Ilona to give her side of the story, and to bare the facts that she says were left on the cutting room floor. Read More