Close-up of a Young Woman Getting Spa Treatment. Cosmetic CreamSince November is already here, I figured I’d kick off the month with some useful tips on how to update your skincare routine for fall. Just because fall is here doesn’t mean you can slack up on your skincare regimen.  Your skin actually produces more oil in the summertime, so it’s super important to change things up for fall and winter. Harsh weather can do a number on your delicate skin. There are several important things you should know when the temperatures start to drop. Read on to find out what you can do to get primed for the new season.

Swap Your Cleanser: Face wash, especially ones that foam, can strip away moisture from the skin, causing it to become extremely dry during cooler weather. I suggests using a sulfate-free or a very gentle cleanser. Sulfates are simply too harsh and will practically strip the water from your face every time you wash. Try Josie Maran Facial Oil Cleanser. It will keep your skin’s reactivity low and irritation at bay.

Microfoliate: Breakouts can increase in the fall because cool air results in dull, dry skin that can trap oil and bacteria. To prevent that using an exfoliant will help remove dry, dead skin as well as unclog pores. Try Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. It is truly unique rice-based enzyme powder that micro-exfoliates dulling debris and instantly leaves the skin noticeably smoother and brighter.

Nix Your Toner: Toners that are alcohol-based will dry out your skin during the cooler months, as your skin is not producing as much oil as it does during the summer. If you can not live without a toner, opt for a formula that I s alcohol-free and very gentle. This Thayers Rose Petal Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula Toner will make your skin bloom.

Switch Moisturizers: Pick up a slightly more emollient moisturizer. Skin gets drier in cooler weather, and one of the best ways to keep it from having issues is to keep your lipid barrier well protected. Make sure to switch to a more hydrating formula for winter, and moisturize regularly.This Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream has its own cult following. I swear by it.

Go Luxury: If moisture cream is not enough for you, try switching to a facial oil instead, as they are super hydrating and absorb into the skin a lot faster. And don’t worry, using a facial oil will not make your skin greasy-looking! This Rodin Luxury Face Oil should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet. It contains 11 essential oils and will leave your skin glowing.

Last But Not Least: Don not stop wearing SPF. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you should stop wearing sunscreen. You should wear a broad spectrum sunscreen that’at least SPF 15 every single day. Please try to stay warm and hydrated!

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