I used to live in NYC and now live in LA. On my last trip to New York I was introduced to Eataly- a massive 50,000 square foot Italian eatery.
It was a bit hectic, crowded and noisy for me until my friend and I wondered into “Manzo”. We were hungry and wanted to sit down and unwind. Well, little did we know.
By the time we got our entrees, after very delicious appetizers and antipasti, we started asking questions about the chef. ¬†We both knew (and believe me when I tell you that my friend who’s Italian and I were both looking at each other in wonder) that we have stumbled upon something incredible. It turns out that we were eating from the hands of a 26 year old Michael Toscano, formerly of Babbo Ristorante who works like a true Italian butcher to use every part of the animal, tongue and cheek. He was a protege to Mario Batali himself.
You never know what in store for you when you get there as he changes his menu on the monthly basis.
Well afterwards, we talked about our food experience for days. If you want good Italian food in NYC try Manzo, if you want an atmosphere and beautiful interiors go someplace else.