I can ink all day about Michael Voltaggio’s creation “Ink”. He definitely knows his food and presentation!!!! The new wave of molecular gastronomy is growing ever so quickly in the foodies world and Muchael Voltaggio is certainly on top of it.

I didn’t know what to expect and upon arrival (make sure to have a RSVP) were promptly and pleasantly seated by an ever so professional hostess.
So here where all the fun begins. I ordered their Vodka, lime, ginger, soda drink and it arrived in a copper cup with a handle. Speaking of attention to detail here. Copper conducts hot and cold extremely well so if you pour cold drink into a vessel as such, the drink will stay cold for a long time not melting the ice and thus not diluting the vodka in the cup. How smart is Michael???
First thing i realized by looking at the menu that Voltaggio’s fame seaweed mashed potatoes were not on it. The server informed us that they were not serving it anymore. Taking that as an answer we proceeded to order 5 plates of tappa styled plates:

Bigeye tuna (fantastic)
Jidori chicken (well, its like eating chicken all over again)
Lamb neck (will melt in your mouth and will get you in touch with your lower chakras)
Sea Bass (as good as it gets)
Beef skirt steak (soft and delicious)

Five plates were enough to fill us up completely.
But surprise came later when i was presented with a plate of seaweed mashed potatoes. I even screamed. The chef made it for me. (He made me very grateful and happy) Thank you so much for such hospitality and service.

P.S Check out my other review on Yelp.com under http://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=Et6cFTxsjP4zukyGii_Z3Q


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