Guide to Removing Blackheads

Beauties, do you peer into your mirror only to see a speckling of blackheads staring back at you? These pesky clogged pores look as if dirt is stuck in your skin and can even be slightly raised. While it’s always best to seek blackheads treatment before popping pimples and blackheads, we all get the urge to pick at our face. And with the proper technique, you can safely remove blackheads yourself. Read More

The Best Conditioner For Your Hair Type

Hair conditioner isn’t just for women with full, thick and/or excessively damaged hair. Almost everyone could benefit from using a conditioner, and luckily there are formulas created for virtually every hair type (even ladies with fine hair!). Heat styling, combing, washing and even towel drying can all lead to damage, causing hair to look and feel dull and dry. Conditioners can help reduce flyaway, tame frizz and keep hair looking smooth and shiny. Here is what you need to know about picking the right type of conditioner for you! Read More

Before & After Bleach/Tone

Even though our model looked good with beige tips on her bleached out rocking hair, I thought there is always room for improvement. Color industry is moving away from golden blond toward shades of silver. So I thought why not cool it a little. Model looks totally cool and I am feeling the chill!

Rules of Eating Sushi

You may or may not realize this, but there are Rules when you go out for sushi. Maybe the Rules aren’t law at, say, Sushi Boy in the LAX airport (what are you doing there, anyways?), but any of the best sushi chefs know and respect the Rules, and breaking them means that your meal will be sub par. (Why waste the best fish on you, you undeserving mixer of wasabi into soy sauce?) Read More

Restaurant “Matsuhisa”- Los Angeles, CA

Why 3 stars you may ask??? Because I don’t like it when my waiter walks away as I am mid sentence on my order. Seriously??? You could have increased our bill by another $35 or more if you just heard what I wanted to order. Service was BAD!!!!  I always say “quality over quantity goes a long way”. Sushi was delicious but such small pieces that I had to strain my eyesight. No wonder they keep it bright inside. I guess as the economy is shrinking so does the food on your pate. Spicy tuna roll (baby size that is) was incredible. I think you can find same quality sushi in other places with way better service. Thank God my company kept me entertained thus making this place tolerable!!!