10 Unusual Uses for Discarded Eggshells

Anyone who knows me, knows that I read a lot of articles about food from lots of different sources. Over the years I have collected many uses of kitchen staples but one grocery item that always surprised me the most are Eggs.

Many foods do not come in natural packaging that is as useful and versatile as its content.  Eggs are an exception. So, the next time you buy a carton of eggs, be sure to hold onto the eggshells after you are finished with them. Read More

Extreme Bathing at the Banya

Widely celebrated as places of learning, healing, and socializing, spa and bathing rituals have a place of importance in most global cultures. Greek Laconica and Roman Thermae were important ancient meeting spots for education, philosophy, and politics, while Turkish Hammam and Korean Jjimjilbang are still world-famous for their scrub-till-you’re-raw exfoliating treatments. Scandinavia, Europe, Asia no matter where you travel, you are sure to encounter some of the most interesting thermal and hydro-therapy from beauty traditions unbeknownst to the west. Read More

Oh, Snap! Damaged Hair!

Many of us obsess about the health of our skin, but how many pay the same attention to the health of our hair? We color, brush, style and blast it with heat and chemicals. Our hair takes a significant amount of abuse, and the result of all that mistreatment we get a mane that is dull, frizzy and prone to breakage.

But not all bad hair habits are created equal. Many people would confess to the occasional misuse of a hot button on their hair dryer, but how does that compare with the occasional bleach job? Which causes more damage? We have gathered the most common hair no-no’s, from the slightly sinful to the dangerously damaging. Read More

New SPF Rules

Starting his year 2012, the FDA redefined “sunblock” as we know it. The term block will no longer be used because there is no scientific evidence that sunscreen blocks 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays.  The label now will say “broad spectrum” if the product filters UVA and UVB radiation. Also, waterproof and sweat-proof will no longer be used since all sunscreens eventually wear or rinse off.