My Graduation!!!

As most of you already know I finally completed the most challenging, survive or quit two and a half year training at the Prestigious Sally Hershberger Salon. It was a long road with lots of bumps along the way. I always said that no matter how difficult it gets, if you are on the right path nothing and no one can spoil it for you. Life will open its doors and all you have to do is walk through it. And so I did!!!! It wasn’t easy but I believe this job has found me and chosen me to do what I do best -Beautify. I met the most amazing and loving people. They believed in me and saw my potential way before I could ever see it. They held my hand when I was frustrated and encouraged me to stay when I was ready to quit. For that I am eternally grateful.
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Before & After From Dark to Caramel

Last week I have been asked to participate in an image makeover show where I was given 45 minutes to update contestant’s hair color. The contestant was a young Asian woman who had naturally very dark hair color. “I have been faced with this dilemma before”, I thought. A lot of people with dark hair want their hair color updated but end up with brassy, fried hair or worst yet, completely wrong hair color for their complexion. So how to get out of the rut of the same old dark color and get a transformation of a lifetime? Read More

The Latest Solar Skin Defenders!

Sticky, smelly, and pasty SPF formulas of yesteryear are long gone, thanks to a new wave of technology! And it’s not just the standard spritz formulations I am into sunscreen now comes in many different forms to fit your lifestyle and beauty routine. Since SPF 15 doesn’t cut it anymore with the FDA’s new regulations, doctors and dermatologists alike recommend a broad-spectrum formulation of at least 30. I’ve done the research, read on and find the one for you. To see the product click on the image. Read More

Before & After From Blond to Red

She came in looking kind of drab and wanting a new look to kick start her acting career. And I don’t blame her! In this town full of blonds you certainly can get overlooked even when you are extremely talented. So a few hours later she finally revealed her true self. Golden-red and unstoppable. Now I can spot her a mile away and so will the industry. Welcome to Hollywood!

Restaurant “Angelini Osteria” – Los Angeles, CA

I am going to be short and sweet again.
The best Italian by far. Angelini is the master of his craft. This is where you don’t care how much money you spend because you get what you pay for.
Service is superb. Make reservations in advance and try everything.
Elegant place – food educated crowd. No red-necks here or as we say it in NYC, no bridge and tunnel.

Highly recommend it!!!!