So in honor of New Year, I am sharing a list by Amanda Furbeck called Hair Resolutions for all of us.

I will not shampoo my hair every day.I love to wash my hair. This means, I am stripping the natural oils from hair with too-frequent shampooing, and then drying it out with too-frequent blow drying. I aim to avoid both for healthier, happier hair.

I will use conditioner.Conditioner not only detangles hair and makes it soft, it also closes the cuticle. That means hair color lasts much longer, looks better, and hair is softer, shinier, and healthier looking.

I will not heat style my hair every day.Too much blow drying, curling, and flat ironing can really damage hair. It’s better to only heat style every other day, especially if you use a flat iron.

I will not bleach my hair more than it can bear.When I decide to go blond, I want to go all the way to platinum. But this requires a serious amount of hair bleach and frequent touch ups, which means a lot of damage to my hair. This year, I will lighten up on the bleach.

I will get my hair trimmed regularly.I am terrible about getting my hair trimmed. I put it off. I wait until I can’t stand it anymore. By then, my style has grown out, my ends are split, and my hair looks pretty dull. I’ll prevent all that with regular trims.

I will not overload my hair with product.Oh, how I love hairspray. I keep a can in every bathroom and it’s so easy to walk by and give it a spritz. But that just causes build-up and stickiness. It’s better not to use too much of any one product. If you have to use too many different products to style your hair, you might be wearing the wrong hair style.

I will keep my fingers out of my hair.I have a bad habit of fiddling with my hair, pushing it out of my eyes, and playing with it throughout the day. But that means I’m transferring dirt, oil, and germs from my hands right into my hair. It’s no wonder I feel like my hair is dirty at the end of the day! I’ll try to keep my hands out of it so I don’t have to shampoo so frequently.

I’ll love my hair just the way it is. In 2012, I will accept my hair for what it is (fine and straight) and love it. I’ll take care of it so it looks its best, and style it so that I look my best. I’ll accept and love the hair I have so that I can start to accept and love myself. Just the way I am. And I hope that you can, too. Happy New Year and Happy Hairstyling to You!