www.ilonashine.comMineral deficiency can wreak havoc on your whole body. Yes, that includes your hair, skin, nails, and bones. Minerals are the catalysts for all the vitamins and other nutrients your body uses for developing and maintaining good health and proper cellular function. Our mineral and nutrient depleted soil produces crops that are void of essential elements that are extremely important for the bodily functions.
Mineral imbalance is by far the most common cause of several diseases, hair and bone loss. Minerals have to be in balance with each other because too much of one in some cases can cause an imbalance in another.
Hair is one of the best medium for mineral analysis of the body. Just recently I had done such hair analysis by testing my hair for mineral deficiency. According to my doctor I was lacking certain minerals and was recommended ConcenTrace drops. I have been taking it for the past 2 months and love the results I am getting. My nails are much stronger. My hair grows faster, stronger and no longer brittle. I have mentioned to some of my clients the amazing results I’ve been getting by taking ConcenTrace and they urged me to share this miracle liquid with others. So, what is ConcenTrace you may ask?

It’s a liquid complex of over 72 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals that has been made by Mother Nature. Yes, 72! All high quality, pure harvested and derived from the Great Salt Lake with the lowest impact possible on the environment. ConcenTrace all natural with no added preservatives and has a mineral taste. I usually add 5 drops per glass of water or juice or 30 drops per gallon of water. This way my water is not only hydrating but also packed with 72 ionic minerals. Below are some major benefits of adding ConcenTrace to your daily diet.


Bone, Joint & Health- Taken as directed, many people have experienced dramatic results in improving and strengthening bones, joints and teeth, and eliminating unwanted calcium deposits.
Re-Mineralize Distilled Water- 1/4-1/2 teaspoon per gallon for fresh spring water taste.
Electrolyte Replacement–Increased energy, vitality, and improved health by replacing and balancing soluble minerals in the body fluids. Soluble minerals are the electrolytes which conduct the body’s electrical energies.
Maintain pH Balance in the Body–The most important nutrients in our bodies for maintaining acid-base balance are minerals like those found in ConcenTrace®.
Hair and Skin–Use internally to nourish from within.
Calcium Assimilation–Reports show that calcium assimilates much better when taken with magnesium. ConcenTrace® is high in magnesium.
Circulatory Health–Minerals play important roles in decalcification, antioxidant and cleansing functions in the body. The heart requires magnesium with every beat. Potassium is used to contract the heart muscle.
Vitamin Enhancement–Complete nutrition is more power nutrition. Vitamins without minerals DO NOT work. Trace minerals help assimilate vitamins.
Gardens and Plants–A study done by Rutgers University and other studies done by the USDA noted the severe mineral imbalance and depletion in American soil. For years many avid gardeners have used ConcenTrace® on their gardens as well as in the flower beds. It is also very beneficial to house plants when diluted with water. See the difference in your plants.
Pets–Ever noticed your pet eating grass or dirt? More than likely your pet is lacking essential minerals. For years, pet owners have added ConcenTrace® to their pet’s food and water.
Cooking–Studies show mineral depletion in our soils. We frankly are not getting the minerals in the foods we eat. ConcenTrace® remineralizes these foods and adds flavor.

The benefits are enormous and you can never go wrong with supplementing your body with additional minerals. Just think how strong your bones will be. I purchase my bottle directly from Amazon here Liqumins ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops, Low Sodium, 8-Ounce Bottle

To your Health!