Pregnancy is a time for a lot of changes and your hair is no different. Theres a lot to endure for any young woman with questions and confusion about their hair and pregnancy.  The amount of hormones you’ll experience being pregnant can often alter your hair texture, hair color and how it reacts to other treatments. The ultimate most frequently asked question: Can I color my hair when I am pregnant ? and the answer is Yes, you can.

– most doctors say not to until after the first trimester due to the chemicals

– there haven’t been any studies concluding that it is harmful to the baby

– if it makes you nervous coloring your hair, but you’d still like to just color it, follow this tip

– color less often or use semi-permanent color

– highlights or lowlights are another good option if you don’t want the color on your scalp or skin

– do a strand test before you color your hair when you are pregnant

– due to the pregnancy your hair changes, this can also change the way the chemicals react to your hair

– this is why we stress a strand test during pregnancy

When your hair color is changing so is your texture

– if your hair is curly, it may turn straight

– if it is straight it may turn curly

– thick hair may get thicker

– thin hair may get thicker

– oily hair becomes more oily- dry hair becomes even more dry

Even though your hair will change, embrace it – try new products or maybe a new hair cut

 – shorter is NOT always better

– when you are pregnant unless you’re up to styling your hair everyday, don’t cut your hair shorter than your chin

– even chin length you can only pull the top back.. but it is better than nothing

– layers are great alternatives !

– either way short, medium, or long hairstyles.. your hair is going to have over active glands, so it may be more oily

– you will need to shampoo it more regularly and although short hair will dry faster, medium and longer hair can be pulled back looking cute with little to no maintenance on days you can’t shampoo

– However, if you prefer a short hairstyle, keep powder on hand for those oily days, and see your stylist for great styling techniques for your hair type

 – Whatever you do, don’t go to the salon when you are 8 months pregnant and cut all your hair off.. you’ll regret it after the baby’s born

– if you want it short, wait 3 months after giving birth to make that decision- during the 3 months you’ll know your routine and whether you’ll have time to style it or if a low maintaince style is a better choice

How to keep your hair healthy during pregnancy:

– first, drink a LOT of water.. not only do you and your baby need water.. it’s also good for your hair, skin and nails

– if your hair gets dry use a good deep conditioner daily (when you shampoo)- take your prenatal vitamins

– when using (blowdryer, flat iron, curling iron etc.) keep it on the lowest setting to prevent future damage and drying of the hair shaft

– don’t pull it too tight – no rubber bands, use only cloth covered or fabric covered hair ties

Keep your hair healthy during pregnancy as well as your body.