Tiny wrinkles, discolorations and dry patches are all will cause you to reach for the solution you haven’t tried before. And I am not talking about help from a professional. When money is scarce, everyone have to pick and choose where to spend their beauty funds and that includes skimping on expensive skin care treatments! Luckily, innovation in beauty and tech has brought out the coolest new gadgets designed to mimic a trip to the dermatologist. These new at home techno contraptions are changing the future of personal grooming as we know it.

Tria Skin Perfecting Blue LightThe New Acne Luminary
Mintel Market Research recently forecast the popularity of skin devices that harness light for 2012, and we have seen a ton of these new gadgets pop up on the market. Among a handful of these new, illuminating gizmos is the Tria. This pimple-preventing laser uses non-UV blue light the kind from the dermatologist’s office to target and eliminate bacteria and acne without affecting any other tissue.

Saggy Skin Be Gone
Microcurrent technology is one of the hottest tools used by professional aestheticians, and works to stimulate muscles underneath the skin that cause wrinkling and sagging. The FDA-approved NuFACE Trinity looks like an odd two-pronged metal zapper, but really treats the skin to a gentle buzz. You will be shocked at the difference in your skin after a few weeks, but you really only see results with consistent application. The device doubles as a facial massage, so forego expensive treatments for your very own facelift.

The Paragon of Pimple-Fighters
Clarisonic hit skin care gold with their sonic cleansing technology this toothbrush for your face moves more than 300 times per second! And they have recently launched a new system designed for acne. Their newest complexion-cleansing brush head features a gradated bristle system that effectively flushes clogged, irritated pores.

Healthy Skin For Life
The Baby Quasar is a powerful photo rejuvenation product, created to provide the intense benefits of light therapy in the comfort of your own home. We all know that light therapy has long been used as a treatment for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, firming skin, shrinking pores, diminishing discoloration, clearing acne, fading scars and reducing inflammation. Due to its painless simplicity, it’s easy to see why light therapy has become one of the most sought after remedies for some of the most common skin ailments. With your Baby Quasar, discouraging and frustrating skin conditions can be whisked away with the simple, painless use of light. The glow of red, infrared and amber will restore your skin’s own glow, and replace dull and afflicted with radiant and healthy.

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