Hair Tips

The Most Flattering Hair Part for Your Face Shape

One of the easiest ways to change your look is switching how you part your hair. While many of us find a natural part and stick with it for years, have you ever wondered if that style is really the most flattering for your face-shape? Experimenting with a fresh comb-created angle will give you a chance to find the ideal balance to highlight your features. But the best part? It Is an instantly gratifying transformation! To help point you in the right direction, I will show you the art of finding the perfect part.

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New Year’s hair resolutions

So in honor of New Year, I am sharing a list by Amanda Furbeck called Hair Resolutions for all of us.

I will not shampoo my hair every day.I love to wash my hair. This means, I am stripping the natural oils from hair with too-frequent shampooing, and then drying it out with too-frequent blow drying. I aim to avoid both for healthier, happier hair. Read More