sofiaWhile ultra vibrant hair and dramatic ombre ruled 2014, we’re starting to see a shift in the hair forecast. As we step into 2015 we’re beginning to see a more natural trend in hair. The leading force toward this minimal vibe: balayage, increasingly popular highlighting technique that mimic those sunkissed highlights you got as a kid. And now, piggybacking off balayage, we’re seeing another similar, albeit darker, smoother technique that we’re sure is about to go mane-stream called ecaille ( “tortoiseshell” in French).

The ecaille technique is a slightly richer and darker version of your natural color paired with golden highlights and a whole lot of shine. The look, which began trending in Paris, tends to also be darker at the roots and lighter at the ends – consider it a much more sophisticated version of the ombre we know. Pop some balayage highlights on top of this rich shade and and a gloss to keep it rich, and you’ve got this multidimensional, demure look.

To achieve ecaille-style locks ask your stylist for:

1. While a handful of stylists at high-end salons might already know exactly what this technique looks like, it’s only starting to really take off everywhere else. Instead, bring some pictures of what you want.

2. If you’re not sure how to translate the look into hair talk, tell them you’d like to darken the base color a bit with few darker pieces  and add in some gloss.


3. Ask your colorist to focus on vibrant, face-framing highlights in the front while adding softer pieces all around the rest of your head.


4. Ask for various tones, deeper at the roots and lighter at the ends. But be clear that you’re not looking for ombre.

I cant wait to see more variations of this beautiful trend.