Last week I have been asked to participate in an image makeover show where I was given 45 minutes to update contestant’s hair color. The contestant was a young Asian woman who had naturally very dark hair color. “I have been faced with this dilemma before”, I thought. A lot of people with dark hair want their hair color updated but end up with brassy, fried hair or worst yet, completely wrong hair color for their complexion. So how to get out of the rut of the same old dark color and get a transformation of a lifetime?
When Kathryn came to see me, her hair had an ashy brown hue with a dull appearance. I call it dullness of a teenager, don’t ask! I decided to attack the ashy tone first. Trust me ashy hair is not a pretty sight! I smudged her hair at the sink to achieve a nice, rich chocolate tone first. Second step involved painting highlights just on the surface of her hair by using the most requested technique today called-Balayage (Google for reference). This way the overall integrity of the hair is intact and the results are mind blowing. When I was done Kathryn was transformed. Her hair had a soft gradation from chocolate brown to caramel to golden-blond that made her radiate. And you thought only blonds can have fun? Well, I let the pictures speak for themselves.

-Kathryn is a documentary filmmaker currently producing and directing a documentary film about artist in Cambodia.