Beautiful Young Woman Applying Makeup. Brunette GirlMakeup is supposed to help accentuate our features and enhance our look but when used incorrectly, it can do just the opposite. I see some women willing to spend a lot of money on a lipstick but really skimp on the tools that might make their makeup application easier and their products last longer. I recommend everyone to splurge on the best quality brushes. Basic set of good quality brushes is a must because best make up application happens with the right brushes. There are two main categories: natural-hair brushes (quarrel, sable, goat) and man-made (synthetic, nylon, polyester). My favorite ones are brushes made of teddy bear hair. Teddy Bear Hair is super soft and luxurious and made of fiber that grabs and blends pigments for a professional looking application. And besides their luxurious softness they are cruelty-free. Bellow are basic brushes I personally use and recommend. Click on the image to see them. Enjoy!

Powder Brush

A large, soft powder brush is ideal for applying pressed powder or loose powder with expert precision and even distribution. When applying powder, the goal should be to set your foundation (preventing it from melting off or settling into fine lines). Using this powder brush, lightly dust foundation onto your face, starting with your T-zone. The powder has a mattifying effect, so don’t overdo it by applying to much.

Foundation Brush

When you want the look of flawless skin, you need to use a foundation brush. In a circular motion, apply liquid foundation onto your clean skin with a foundation brush. Achieve your ideal look with a foundation brush specially designed to create a smooth, natural-makeup finish. The synthetic bristles ensure smooth, streak-free application and optimal payoff with all of your favorite liquid, cream, and powder formulas. The rounded shape and longer bristles flex with the skin and produce beautiful, airbrushed results. A little goes a long way — so start with just a dime-sized amount of foundation. You can always add more coverage if you need to.

Blush Brush

For that lit-from-within look, rosy cheeks always creates the appearance of a youthful complexion. Using a blush brush, lightly apply desired colored blush to the apples of your cheeks. Instant glow.

Eyeliner Brush

When you’re in the mood for a defined eye without using a pencil or liquid eyeliner, opt for an eyeliner brush. An eyeliner brush is the ultimate precision tool, perfect for applying powder eyeliner, contouring the outer angle of the eye, or shading and smudging a pencil line for a smoky, softly lined look.

Fluffy Eye Shadow Brush

Use a fluffy eye shadow brush to sweep on a light colored eye shadow across your eye, either as your base eye shadow or for the natural look. The fluffy eye shadow brush helps you achieve a sheer eye shadow application when you just want a hint of color on your lids.

Blender Eye Shadow Brush

A blender eye shadow brush is a must-have makeup brush to eliminate any streaks or lines of demarcation when using different eye shadow colors (especially when doing highlighting or contouring).

Angled Eye Shadow Brush

For perfect eyebrows, an angled eye shadow brush works wonders. Apply eye shadow to your eyebrows for a lightly-defined look. The benefit of using an angled eye shadow brush in combination with eyes shadow is that your eyebrows get filled-in without looking harsh or unnatural.

Bronzer Brush

For a sun-kissed look you need a bronzer brush. This ball-shaped makeup brush has fully angled teddy bear bristles that generously grasp bronzer powder and fit perfectly to the skin with a bigger surface to blend. Superior quality bristles improve the powder’s application, promoting a flexible and uniform application.

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