applying hand lotionWe spend so much time and energy paying attention to preventing and erasing wrinkles on our faces that we tend to forget other parts of our body, for example -our hands. Hands can age just as fast, if not faster than our faces can. So this would be a good time to show them some TLC.

Hands are the most exposed and uncared for parts of the body. They begin showing signs of aging much earlier. If you are like many women, your at-home hand care is limited to using dish washing detergent with moisturizer and maybe a drugstore hand cream now and then. But with just a bit more effort, you can improve the appearance of your hands right now, and 20 years from now. There are three main factors that can make your hands age. The first one is sun damage. When is the last time you applied sun block on your hands when you left you house? Sun can prematurely age our hands by causing pigmentation, wrinkles, and thinning of the skin. Second, genetics can also play a part in aging your hands since age spots are hereditary. Lastly, the medications you use can cause thinning of the skin and photosensitivity.

There are numerous ways to prevent aging of your hands. Like everything else, the sooner you start taking care of and protecting your hands, the longer they will keep their youthful look. One way of reversing the signs of damage, besides lotions and creams, is with a regular use of retinoids and high strength of retinols. Using products with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) can improve skin texture, reduce pigmentation and boost collagen production. One of my favorites and the one I use on my own hands is mild percentage of a TCA peel. It certainly keeps my hands in a tip top shape.

In addition, there are more aggressive treatments for those who need them. Laser skin resurfacing is one of them. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can treat rough texture and age spots. Another option is injectables and fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. They can plump up the hands and make them look less bony. But if all the above makes you want to yawn, here is a list of “cream of the crop” hand creams that promote new collagen formation. They will not give you what you would with a medical treatment, but it is not a bad idea to begin using these creams every night starting at around age 35.

Regeniskin (50 mL/$29.95)

SyCream by Syprex (2 oz/$39.50)

Neocutis Bio-restorative Skin Cream (50 mL/$120)

SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex (1 oz each of cream and serum/$185)

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