Beauty Techniques are highly beneficial, but some of them are incredibly recycled. What I mean is, in my life, I always get the same pieces of advice. My friends and family members always share the same beauty techniques and yes, they are extremely helpful, but sometimes I’d like to hear something new, wouldn’t you? In that spirit, I’ve ¬†gathered some amazing beauty techniques from all over the world! If you’ve ever wanted to know how women from India keep their hair so lustrous or how Scandinavian women keep their complexions so flawless, I’ve got you covered!


My godfather’s ex-wife (convoluted, I know) is a native of Australia. Growing up, she gave me tons of great beauty techniques to try, most of which are highly natural. Her dandruff remedy was my favorite, and it’s been fail safe all through the years. All you have to do is add either eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil to your shampoo a few drops will do it. And voila! No fear of dandruff!


For years I’ve been using slices of cucumber to get rid of under eye circles. Well, that or Preparation H. I am sure many of you have done the same. The ladies of Spain have an even better remedy: they use very thin potato slices. Applied over your eyes for about ten minutes, they’ll get rid of under eye circles like that! They actually lighten your skin, causing the bruised looking circles to fade.


Japanese women have some of the loveliest skin I’ve ever seen, and this is due to a couple different beauty techniques. Camellia oil is one such technique: it can be used to get rid of wrinkles, even after having a baby; strengthening nails and skin; rejuvenating and nourishing hair; and even soothing burns. Beauty experts also advise that rather than relying on injections of Botox and collagen, eating food that is collagen induced helps keep skin firm and flawless.


I am always skeptical that there’s really a way to get rid of cellulite, but Brazilian women know the score. If you’ve ¬†ever seen women from the country rubbing sand onto their bodies, then you have already witnessed the treatment. Using sand aids in the elimination of cellulite and stimulates your skin.


Having energy and boosting your metabolism might not seem like beauty techniques, but they really are. You need energy and a high thriving metabolism to get through the day. Forget about Redbull, Rockstar, or Monster energy drinks. In Zimbabwe the women rely on hot tea infused with lemon. It cleanses their systems, gives their metabolism a jump start, and provides plenty of energy.


Women from India have hair to die for. It is thick, lustrous, and flowing. How do they do it? Coconut oil is one beauty trick. It can even strengthen your hair if it’s starting to get thin. By heating up coconut oil and massaging it into your scalp once each week, you too can have shiny, wonderfully thick hair. Go to sleep with it and then wash your hair the next morning. You’ll noticed healthier hair instantly!


This is one of those beauty techniques that proves you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your beauty regimen. In Italy, women use an easily accessible ingredient to sooth and condition their lips. They rub their lips with olive oil, which also provides extra shine. As a matter of fact, Greek women use olive oil as well. There, it is used to soothe skin when it’s irritated, dry, and sunburned.


As mentioned, Scandinavian women have amazing skin. How they get it is really quite simple. Not only do they drink plenty of spring mineral water, but they bathe their faces with it too. In addition to leaving skin hydrated and healthy, that can get rid of puffiness. The key is that it needs to be icy cold, and you should indulge in 20 good splashes.


Some of the best beauty techniques deal with fighting the signs of age. Growing old gracefully is a beautiful thing and you don’t need to rely on Botox, collagen, and things like that. Rather, do what women in China do: drink white tea. It will help shield your skin from free radicals.

I’ve always been a huge fan of anthropology, and in a way, delving into beauty secrets from all across the globe is a great anthropological exercise. Learning the details of how women from different continents, countries, and cultures view beauty, how they maintain it, and what they do to perfect it reveals a much more than just physical secrets. Their beauty techniques reveal things about their lifestyles, their diets, and even their belief systems. Do you have any international beauty techniques or secrets you’d like to share?

Written by Lyndsie.